Monday, 9 December 2013

2 Minute Opening Sequence Of Step Brothers

This is the opening sequence of the film Step Brothers starring Will Ferrell and John Reilly. In this opening sequence the titles establish the main actors and crew members. In the shots we see the 4 main actors from the film in the opening 2 minutes. This helps us to understand from the outset who the film will be based around and we get an insight to what the film is going to be about. As we see the two grown men at the houses of their parents.

The typography of the titles is important as the text is bigger for names to catch the eye of the viewer. There is no longer than about 8 seconds on either family it keeps switching between the two so we can compare and contrast the two families and straight from the start we can see how similar the two sons are; in the way the parents go to work and the two men stay at home playing games and watching tele. There are a lot of close ups of what the boys are doing for example; making food, picking up clothes etc. The editing is also quick as well theres no fades or transitions it just uses straight cuts between scenes.