Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Evaluation Question 7

Through filming our opening sequence I have realized that filming scenes in the correct way and using the camera and editing it in the best way takes a lot of time and concentration. Evidenced also by our preliminary, perfect editing takes concentration and time. Also technology isn't always reliable as we have had to re-upload film clips multiple times after uploading has proved unreliable at certain times. Also we have realised that lots of time is needed to complete the filming and editing process and it is something that cannot be rushed as mistakes will be made.

Evaluation Question 6

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Evaluation Question 5

Evaluation Question 4

Below is our survey that we handed out to around:
Although it's basic we wanted to keep it short so that we got the exact information we needed.

Friday, 21 March 2014

Evaluation Question 3

As our film is not of as a high a quality as, for example, a Hollywood film and because it's not an action packed, family movie it may be better under an institute such as Warp Films. It uses film festivals and low-budget advertising to promote the film to mostly a UK audience and not so much internationally. The film is much more relatable to normal middle-class audiences so it may be promoted by word-of-mouth. They would distribute the film to the appropriate audiences in order to guarantee some popularity. 

Evaluation Question 2

 In our opening sequence all of the characters are in their early 20's. In a comical way it presents the naivity of young love as young people make a lot of mistakes while meeting and choosing the right people to trust in life. It is relatable for other young people with the way all the characters speak and dress. However I am presented in a stuck-up way which causes audiences to come to a pre-judgement automatically as they sense that I'm maybe a selfish character who is going to cause problems. The film is set in modern day and all characters are presented as typical middle-class characters to allow audiences of all ages to relate as they think 'oh, they're normal just like me'.

Evaluation Question 1

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

How These Changes Affected Our Opening Sequence

New Location

Keston Ponds - We decided on our new location as it was much quieter and the scenery was a lot more complimentry to our storyline because it wasn't as hectic and busy as our last location. We did not have to worry about the extra noise that we could encounter with the public such as cars and pedestrians. With less of the public around this means that the viewer will also be watching more of what our actual characters are doing rather than being distracted by other members of the public being in our film. 

Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Changes to our opening sequence

After reviewing our opening sequence as a whole while in the process of editing it, we decided to not to change some intergal aspects of  our clip. As a group Alice, Louis and I decided to change aspects of our film such as the script camera shots and location in order to make the direction of our plot clearer and to make the opening sequence more interesting for the viewer.

Reasons for change:

- We decided that our range of camera shots were limited and therefore didn't make our film as effective as it could have been.

- A lack of complimenting music in our film needed to be added as we realise that at some parts of our film would be helped by sound so that viewers did not lose interest.

- The fluency of our piece was also worrying as the storyline did not flow or make entire sense when watching it as a finished product and could possibly leave the viewer confused on the subject and where the film was going.

Final title

'Dating Sam; is the title

Initial title ideas

When thinking of titles, there was a few things that we wanted to take in to account. We didn't want our title to be too long which could make our title ineffective. We therefore decided that our title would have between 2-4 words. After thinking of various names , these are the final 4 we decided to choose from.

1)Chasing Samantha

2)The Same Samantha

3)Two Friends, One Sam

4)Dating Sam

Thursday, 13 March 2014

Things We Need To Take Into Account When Filming

As we can see here filming may be difficult to film because of how busy this particular road can be. Therefore the time in which we film is important because it has to be a time where we can get enough filming done effectively without too much interference from the general public. Also the lighting has to be good for us to so we can't film too late in the day.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Character Profiles

In the script we are referring to ourselves with our real names, but we will have different names in the play. We are in our early 20's and are all middle-class. Louis is called Jerry, Alice is called Samantha and i am called Tom. 

Both of the boys used to be friends at college. They left not so long ago so when they bump into each other they quickly begin chatting again as if they were never parted. This is mostly helped by Tom's outgoing personality.

Jerry - He is quiet and reserved. He is an introvert who spends times with friends, but reads alot and think of himself as quite intelligent. He is an opposite to Tom.

Tom - He is an Extrovert who is outgoing and friendly. He is just as intelligent as Jerry, but it is understated. He socialises a lot and his friends are the most important thing to him.

Samantha - She is an instantly dislikable girl who is stuck-up and impatient. She has played Tom and Jerry, but act as if there is no problem with it. She doesn't even appear guilty before her secret is exposed proving that she's a selfish girl with no concern for Tom or Jerry's feelings. She is too relaxed for her own good.

Initial Script


First person to appear on screen is Me.

Taylor: Where are you? (i appear on the phone)

Louis: I'm on my way, chill out, how far are you?

Alice: I'm here just call me when you're here.

Louis and Taylor: Alright.

(Both boys are walking towards each other and are surprised to see each other) 

Louis: Long time.

Taylor: I haven't seen you in ages!

Louis: I know mate you've gone missing.

Taylor: Haha how have you been man?

Louis: I've been good thanks where are you off to?

Taylor: Just off to meet the Mrs!

Louis: What? since when?!

Taylor: It's been a few weeks mate, I think she's the one!

Louis: Funny you've said that, cause i've found someone too.

Taylor: Yeah mate thats good to hear.

(Music starts to play as both boys continue to walk with each other, The scene changes to Alice waiting in the restaurant/cafe) 

Alice: (on the phone) Yeah I'm meeting Taylor now and Louis later, Ha don't worry they'll never find out.

(both boys walk in to the restaurant/cafe still oblivious to what will happen)

Taylor and Louis: well i'll catch you later

Alice: Oh god, i gotta go (puts the phone down)

(Taylor and Louis realize what is going on as they both look at Alice and then each other in shock. Alice's facial expression is panicked)


Alternative Filming Locations

As a group we need know that while producing our opening sequence, things will run as smoothly as we planned and therefore adjustments will have to be made. Despite deciding our ideal locations we would like to film certain scenes some companies may not allow us premission to do so and therefore we need to make sure we address this with the respected owners/managers before filming in their businesses.

If we can not film in the 3 locations here are two  places we will like to film if our plan to film in our other locations does not go to plan.

The Rib Shack - 5 Station Square, Petts Wood

This location would be a good back up as it is similar to Joe's Kitchen in Bromley. The scenery is ideal and covers what we want to incoporate in a particular scene in our sequence.  The  Rib Shack may be easier to film in also as it may not be as busy as our  other locations because of the area it is in.

Cafelicious - 408 Crofton Road,Locksbottom

This location is another good altenative location and is similar to cafe scenery you might find in our other location , Costa Coffee. Again , this will be another quieter option for us to film as it is not as busy as Bromley.

Tuesday, 25 February 2014

Target audience and certificate for Opening Scene

Target audience

When looking at romantic comedies , most of the target audience would be either teenage or an adult audience. There are a lot of aspects which go in to determining what audience you target when making an opening scene. Every genre will vary depending on the nature of the content in the film and this then explains the rating the film is also given.

Here are a few films I looked at when analysing how past romantic comedies narrowed their audience and age certificate they were given and for what reasons.

Friends With Benefits

This film was given a certificate rating of 15 ,which means that it is suitable to be seen by an audience of the age of 15 years and older. The film was certificated this rating because:

- There is frequent use of strong language
- Strong sexual reference and activity
- Discriminatory language or behaviour

Ghost Of Girlfriend's Past

This film was given a certificate rating of pg13 ,which means that it is suitable to be seen by an audience of the age of 13 years and older. The film was certificated this rating because:

- Some content may be inappropriate for children 13 years and   under
- There are aspects of the film which could suggest that parents need to decide whether it is suitable for their child to see this film

- It is 'suggested' that parents or careers are present when children 13 years or younger watch the film.

Survey Monkey results

What is a logline?

What is a logline?

A logline is a short summary of a film. It is meant to inform you about what the film is about and gives the audience a chance to see if they would like to watch the film or not. Log lines are therefore hold some importance in grasping a viewers attention in one short effective sentence.

A log line should be able to answer particular questions such as:

- What is the film about?
- Who are the leading characters in the film?
- What are their purposes?

Log lines are needed as they are a useful way to widen and expand the audience being targeted. An engaging may prompt a viewer from our target audience to tell someone else who many not have been initially aware of our film.

Initial Log Line

Monday, 24 February 2014

Location Recce

Location Recce

When filming the street scenes somewhere like Bromley could be good as its busy, but not too busy and there are wide streets so we won't really be disrupting anyone. The restaurant scene is probably best to be done somewhere like a quiet CafĂ© maybe in Bromley, Orpington or Locksbottom at a time of the day when its not so busy and if the owners allow us to do so.

Call Sheet

Call Sheet

After talking to Alice and Louis we came to the conclusion that we feel it is too early to produce a call sheet and will produce one at a later date closer to the time of filming.

Character Profiles

Character Profiles

Taylor - A relaxed boy who is very oblivious to the event that's about to unfold. He remains smiling and cheerful and greets Louis with surprise. They have general conversation and he speaks kindly of the girl he is going to met.

Louis - A chilled out character who seems to always be prepared for any unexpected events, but the one that's about to happen takes him by surprise. When he bumps into Taylor he holds relaxed conversation only bringing up that he is meeting a girl when Taylor mentions it.

Alice - An impatient and instantly dislikeable character. She appears stuck-up in contrast to the two boys making them appear all the more a victim. in the opening sequence before the boys enter the restaurant she appears smug making it obvious that something is going on, but audience don't know quite what's happening. However when the boys come in at the same time she straight away appears panicked as she realises she's been caught.


Budget £££ (Props/Equipment)

We do not need to spend any money on our opening sequence as we are using our own costumes and props to film it. We won't need a lot of props as most of it is very character focused and very much focused on reactions of the characters to the situation curing around them.

Alice - I need to wear some kind of red to foreshadow the coming danger and be dressed up and looking smart to make sure that I fit in with the restaurant setting. All I need for the restaurant scene is a table with two chairs, a wine glass and plates and knives and forks.

Taylor - Taylor only needs to be dressed slightly smart as he is on his way to a restaurant. Also to make him look upper-class.

Lewis - Lewis also only needs to wear smart clothing to fit in with the fact that he is going to a restaurant. He also needs to look upper-class.

Breakdown Of Opening Sequence

Break down of the sequence (a bit of treatment)

The opening sequence will be broken up into scenes;
~ It will begin with either me walking in the street looking happy.
~ Then to Alice sitting in a restaurant looking calm and smug.
~ Then it will go back to me as I bump into Louis and we then begin talking as it is clear we are both friends and then they start to talk about the girl we are both going to meet thinking that we are seeing two different girls.
~ It goes to Alice sitting at the restaurant looking slightly impatient as I wait for my date.
~ Then both boys go to enter the restaurant seeming slightly confused as we enter the same place
~ It then leads on to focus on Alice and then her face as she looks up and sees the two boys in panic and then the two boys looking at each other as they realise what has happened.

Then it'll end leaving the audience in suspense. This is the breakdown of the different scenes in the opening sequence.

Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment

As we will be filming in areas filled with public its a risk that people may get in the way or we could be causing an obstruction while filming. Therefore we need to ensure that we film in an area at a certain time of day that will mean there are less people around and that we are less likely to find it difficult to film certain scenes. Filming during a weekday at a time when most people are at school or working will mean that there will be a lot less people around which will be much more appropriate. Possibly a sunday could be a good option as shops close early and after that very few will be around as they will normally be home. This will mean there may not be anywhere open to film the restaurant table scene, but we need to weigh up the advantages and disadvantages to filming at certain times and then choose the right place to film our opening scene.



Louis and Taylor - are the two men that are being played by the same girl. They are both friends, but don't realise they are seeing the same girl until she makes a mistake and agrees to meet them both at the same time by mistake. They are friendly and chatty and like the girl, but are utterly shocked when they discover they are seeing the same person. The audience feel sorry for them when they realise what's happened! then it just motivates them to want to watch the rest as they want to see what happens as a result of this incident.

Alice - I'm playing the girl who is playing Taylor and Louis and shots of me will be shown as they accidentally bump into each other and proceed to the restaurant as I sit there calmly, looking quite stuck-up so that the audience automatically don't think very well of me. When they both walk in suddenly my face drops and I try to remain calm, but am evidently panicking as they both walk in and realise what has happened. By looking uncomfortable when my secret unfolds it causes tension to reach a high when the audience feel the shock of the characters and want to watch on and find out more

Final Idea

Final idea and settings for opening scene to movie

The chosen genre is romantic comedy and the plot is similar to the film 'This means war' in the way that two men fall in love with the same girl without realising. Although at the end both accidentally meet the girl at the same time and realise that they are both being played. The settings will be basic and very character-focused to maintain the intensity of the moment when both male characters realise that they have been seeing the character. The settings will be light to ensure they have no effect on the mood of the film and only the actions and speech will have an effect on the audience. The filming will be done in the street as the two male characters walk towards the restaurant to meet the girl, they are having a conversation about the girls they have both met who they are planning to now meet and when they both walk into the restaurant tension rises as they both approach the table and look at the girl and eachother in confusion as the girl sits in shock as she realises that she has been caught. The two men will be friends which also means that the moment of realisation is intense as they cannot understand how they never realised what was really going on making the moment almost humorous.

Opening Scene Story Line

Opening Scene story line

After agreeing on the genre of our opening sequence, Alice , Taylor and I discussed our initial storyline to give us an indication of which direction we want our clip to go.

Our initial storyline:

-Two friends who seek 'love' begin to talk to there 'dream girl' until they find out they are talking to the same person

- The two leading males have very different personalities and views on life which makes it comical that they have fallen for the same girl.

- The girl who has been 'playing' both boys does not realise that they are friends.

- The girl can be seen as a 'player' which is unusual because in the majority of films a male would play this role because of social stereotypes.

- They eventually both find out that they are speaking to same girl and both confront her.

- During the story, there would be situations were both find out the truth but narrowly void this in comical scenes.

Mise en Scene in Opening Scene

Mise en Scene in Opening Scene

Camera angels/shots

Various camera shots will needed to be established to help our opening scene effective. Certain situations in our sequence may include conversations or a lot of movement from a character which will then vary what angels and shots we use.


Editing is key as it has to help contribute to the authenticy of our opening scene, as we do not want it to come across as 'fake' or ineffective. Editing will help our opening scene transition from different scenes and situations shown in the clip.


Sound can be used to help complement the various scenes shown in the opening clip. Music also adds emphasis to the mood and emotions that may be shown within various different scenes in the opening.


Props are very effective as this will give the viewer a chance to make a judgement on various aspects of the opening scene. For example, characters can be potrayed because of their clothes,which then can lead to other perceptions such as class and wealth.

Friday, 24 January 2014

Dark Knight Opening Sequence Timeline

This timeline is a break down of the opening sequence from the dark knight of what happens and the second it happens in.