Wednesday, 23 October 2013

2 minute opening sequence of The Dark Knight

This is a pre-title sequence, meaning there are no titles. There are 3 company credits including Warner Brothers studios, Legendary pictures and DC comics. then there is some CGI used to turn the smokey explosion into the trademark bat symbol. The comic book strip before the DC comics symbol just shows that the company is based around comics and this film is going to be based around this certain comic strip. we know the joker will have some part as a villain in this film as we briefly see his face in the comic strip.

The advantages of this opening sequence are that its very intense and straight into the film, the way there is action straight away means it catches the focus of the watcher and makes you want to watch it straight away. There are few company credits to show which big media conglomerates have worked n the film. However the disadvantages are that there are little titles letting you know who is involved in the film and who has made the film. this is because the film is a sequel, if it was a stand alone film then it would be different as the titles would be more important but as this is the second in the sequence we assume that the main actors and makers are the same as the previous film.

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