Monday, 24 February 2014

Breakdown Of Opening Sequence

Break down of the sequence (a bit of treatment)

The opening sequence will be broken up into scenes;
~ It will begin with either me walking in the street looking happy.
~ Then to Alice sitting in a restaurant looking calm and smug.
~ Then it will go back to me as I bump into Louis and we then begin talking as it is clear we are both friends and then they start to talk about the girl we are both going to meet thinking that we are seeing two different girls.
~ It goes to Alice sitting at the restaurant looking slightly impatient as I wait for my date.
~ Then both boys go to enter the restaurant seeming slightly confused as we enter the same place
~ It then leads on to focus on Alice and then her face as she looks up and sees the two boys in panic and then the two boys looking at each other as they realise what has happened.

Then it'll end leaving the audience in suspense. This is the breakdown of the different scenes in the opening sequence.

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