Monday, 24 February 2014



Louis and Taylor - are the two men that are being played by the same girl. They are both friends, but don't realise they are seeing the same girl until she makes a mistake and agrees to meet them both at the same time by mistake. They are friendly and chatty and like the girl, but are utterly shocked when they discover they are seeing the same person. The audience feel sorry for them when they realise what's happened! then it just motivates them to want to watch the rest as they want to see what happens as a result of this incident.

Alice - I'm playing the girl who is playing Taylor and Louis and shots of me will be shown as they accidentally bump into each other and proceed to the restaurant as I sit there calmly, looking quite stuck-up so that the audience automatically don't think very well of me. When they both walk in suddenly my face drops and I try to remain calm, but am evidently panicking as they both walk in and realise what has happened. By looking uncomfortable when my secret unfolds it causes tension to reach a high when the audience feel the shock of the characters and want to watch on and find out more

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