Monday, 24 February 2014


Budget £££ (Props/Equipment)

We do not need to spend any money on our opening sequence as we are using our own costumes and props to film it. We won't need a lot of props as most of it is very character focused and very much focused on reactions of the characters to the situation curing around them.

Alice - I need to wear some kind of red to foreshadow the coming danger and be dressed up and looking smart to make sure that I fit in with the restaurant setting. All I need for the restaurant scene is a table with two chairs, a wine glass and plates and knives and forks.

Taylor - Taylor only needs to be dressed slightly smart as he is on his way to a restaurant. Also to make him look upper-class.

Lewis - Lewis also only needs to wear smart clothing to fit in with the fact that he is going to a restaurant. He also needs to look upper-class.

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