Monday, 24 February 2014

Final Idea

Final idea and settings for opening scene to movie

The chosen genre is romantic comedy and the plot is similar to the film 'This means war' in the way that two men fall in love with the same girl without realising. Although at the end both accidentally meet the girl at the same time and realise that they are both being played. The settings will be basic and very character-focused to maintain the intensity of the moment when both male characters realise that they have been seeing the character. The settings will be light to ensure they have no effect on the mood of the film and only the actions and speech will have an effect on the audience. The filming will be done in the street as the two male characters walk towards the restaurant to meet the girl, they are having a conversation about the girls they have both met who they are planning to now meet and when they both walk into the restaurant tension rises as they both approach the table and look at the girl and eachother in confusion as the girl sits in shock as she realises that she has been caught. The two men will be friends which also means that the moment of realisation is intense as they cannot understand how they never realised what was really going on making the moment almost humorous.

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