Monday, 24 February 2014

Character Profiles

Character Profiles

Taylor - A relaxed boy who is very oblivious to the event that's about to unfold. He remains smiling and cheerful and greets Louis with surprise. They have general conversation and he speaks kindly of the girl he is going to met.

Louis - A chilled out character who seems to always be prepared for any unexpected events, but the one that's about to happen takes him by surprise. When he bumps into Taylor he holds relaxed conversation only bringing up that he is meeting a girl when Taylor mentions it.

Alice - An impatient and instantly dislikeable character. She appears stuck-up in contrast to the two boys making them appear all the more a victim. in the opening sequence before the boys enter the restaurant she appears smug making it obvious that something is going on, but audience don't know quite what's happening. However when the boys come in at the same time she straight away appears panicked as she realises she's been caught.

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